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With a deep love and profound respect for all forms of art, I strive to capture what I see in a manner of contemporary realism and portraiture. Realism painting of the figure is an act of the reverence and devotion to the human body and human condition. While I seek to employ classical realism techniques and methods with my paintings, I feel it is important to paint subjects and themes reflective of my own time and era.

I work primarily with oil paints on wood panel and stretched canvas. I mostly use photographs for reference and I draw and paint without the use of projection or grids. My process begins by patiently deconstructing the image of my subject into abstract forms and broad colors. Only when the overall structure and composition is worked out, I develop the shapes, colors, light and values. I move from big shapes to little shapes and eventually to details. In painting and drawing, I attempt to capture not only what I see, but also what I feel. Sometimes, it works.

My inspiration comes from people and places in my life and what I see everyday. I enjoy observing crowds, people in social settings, artists at work or in the process of creation, and people in their personal process of activity. I am fascinated by themes of personal space, boundaries imposed by technology within social settings, and the struggle to maintain connections with oneself and society.

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